Sarongs and Wraps

Sarongs are traditionally found throughout much of south-east Asia, India and the Pacific islands. They have become popular in the western mainstream. Sarongs are single pieces of fabric wrapped around the body as either a skirt or a full-body wrap. In much of the South Pacific, including Hawaii and Tahiti, sarongs are known as pareos. The pareo is a close relative of the sarong, which originated in Malay.

Sarongs are one of summer’s most valuable outfit accoutrements. The garment which translates to "to cover" or "to sheath" in Malay originated in Southeast Asia in the mid-1800s as a skirt-like garment that was common for women. Though the sarong has gone through multiple iterations across different cultures over the last 200 years, it's become a summer mainstay that is vital to your vacation wardrobe.

A sarong is the most versatile of all the beach cover up options and can make a beach outfit feel more sophisticated and complete a swimwear look. The long piece of fabric can be stylishly wrapped and tied as a skirt, halter dress, strapless dress, one shoulder dress - the combinations are endless. 

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Sarongs and wraps for holiday