Empreinte designer lingerie by French brand Empreinte is one of our more expensive brands of lingerie but its very goof value when you consider the quality and how long an Empreinte bra lasts. 

Less expensive brands will use cheper components and less expensive fabrics that don't have the great stretch fabrics of well made lace and lingerie fabics that Empreinte use. When you buy an Empreinte bra from browns, you will be amazed not how comfortable the bras are but how mush shape and support they provide for pretty lace bras. 

Empreinte LilyRose new collection of designer lingerie

To launch their new collection of Lily Rose and Lauren for spring we have added a 10% code for the Empreinte lingerie fans. please use code Empreinte10 at the checkout. 

Offer ends Friday March 24th. 

Vanessa Brown